Exhibition Guidelines
  • You must be a member of ArtsWorcester to exhibit through us.  Membership is $55 annually, and is tax-deductible (free of charge to students of Worcester-area colleges or universities). You may join or renew through our website (artsworcester.org), by telephone (508-755-5142), or during our gallery hours.
  • Artwork must be original and ready for exhibition, with hardware, picture-hanging wire, and framing as appropriate.  No saw-toothed hangers or clip frames will be accepted.
  • Work must be completed within the last ten years (for the College Show, not within the last two years).
  • Work must not have been previously shown at ArtsWorcester. 
  • Two-dimensional works are limited to 48 inches in any direction, including the frame.
  • Three-dimensional works may not exceed 90 inches in height.  No single element of a sculpture may exceed 40 pounds in weight.
  • Artists are responsible for the delivery and pick-up of their works, and insurance to and from ArtsWorcester.
  • Sales are encouraged.  A 40% commission will be deducted from all sales.
  • ArtsWorcester insures all works in our exhibits against loss or damage at 60% of its value.  Work will not be accepted without a declared value. ArtsWorcester exercises due care in handling all artwork.
  • For juried exhibits, all decisions of the juror are final.
  • ArtsWorcester reserves the right to take photographs and to use images of exhibited artwork for the purposes of documentation, education, publicity (including internet), and for grant proposals.  

Thank you for your interest in the 2019 College Show. You may submit your artwork at any time, but the deadline is midnight on Saturday, December 1, 2018.

By submitting, you commit to bringing your artwork (or have a friend bring it) to ArtsWorcester, 660 Main Street, between 12:00 and 4:00 PM on the following dates: 

  • Wednesday, January 23
  • Thursday, January 24
  • Friday, January 25
  • Saturday, January 26

Please do not submit artwork if you are not able to make this commitment.

Please note that you may submit a maximum of three pieces. If you do submit multiple pieces, please make sure to give each artwork a unique name. You'll need to do a separate upload for each piece. Our guidelines:

  1. You must be enrolled in a Worcester-area college or university holding an institutional membership in ArtsWorcester (Anna Maria, Assumption, Becker, Clark, Holy Cross, MCPHS, QCC, WSU, WPI). If you are enrolled in any other college or university, including those outside of Worcester, and have a Student Membership, you are also elligble to submit. 
  2.  Artwork must be original, completed in the last two years, and not previously shown at or submitted to ArtsWorcester.
  3.  Artwork must be exhibition-ready, with any required hardware,  picture-hanging wire, and framing as appropriate. No saw-toothed hangers  or clip frames will be accepted.  Paintings on canvas do not need to be  framed, but they need wire installed on the back so that we can hang  them. 
  • Photographs and other works on paper should be framed  or matted. Cheap sources of frames: ready-made frames from C.C. Lowell,  Target, or places like T.J. Maxx.  Even cheaper: buy a framed work or  poster from a thrift store, throw out the art inside, and use the frame.  Paint it black, if it needs freshening up. 
  • Very large works on paper (greater than 2-3 feet in any direction) are an exception to  our framing requirements: we can hang them with alternative methods.
  1.  Two-dimensional works are limited to 60 inches in any direction, including frame.
  2.  Any single element of a 3-D work is limited to 40 pounds, and must  not exceed 90 inches in height.  A 3-D work may have more than one  element in this size.
  3.  Artists are responsible for delivery and pick-up of the work, and insurance to and from ArtsWorcester. Professors are occasionally willing to help with delivery.
  4.  Artists receive sixty percent of each sale made through our galleries. Sales happen every year, so be sure to cover your own expenses (at the very least) when you determine a price for your work.

Please let us know of any questions you may have: 508-755-5142 or info@artsworcester.org.

Thank you for your submission, and good luck!

Take a turn at being a featured member of ArtsWorcester! Answer a few interview questions and provide an image of yourself and an artwork, and we'll feature you on our website and social media feeds at some point during the upcoming year.  This opportunity is open to all artist members. This has proven a popular member benefit; you should be prepared for a delay of some months before yours appears.

We will edit for clarity and length if need be. If your written material is not ready for the public yet, we'll ask you to take another try at it and make some suggestions as to how it can best showcase your work.

Thanks for your participation and membership!